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K E L T Y  T E N T S

Kelty introduced the Eclipse™, window, the first photochromatic tent window ever conceived. This rainfly window changes from a light green tint to shades of blue when ultraviolet light reaches it. The more intense the UV light, the darker the blue tint becomes. The color change effect operates in a temperature range from 250F to 1050F, while the material remains pliable down to at least -700. The window material will not degrade nor discolor for the life of the tent. This is the tent window that will literally change the world’s view on tent windows. Each Eclipse window cuts out about 50 watts of solar energy compared to a clear window.

  • vaulted pole structure
    Part of the Cooper-Hewett exhibit on portable shelters; pictured in Smithsonian Magazine. What was designed to give greater ventilation and sturdier form turned out to be a work of art. In 1998, after 10 years of evolution, the list of unique improvements incorporated into vaulted sleeves is long: continuous pole sleeves, huge separation and ventilation between tent and fly, sleeve openings at only one end (color coded), all poles the same size on dome tents, rigidity enhancing spacer shape and materials. At this rate of evolution, someday they may even be able to fly.

  • going hyperbolic
    The design of this year’s vaulted spacer design has been altered to a deeper, more hyperbolic shape. The result of this subtle change is that the poles feed through the sleeves even more smoothly and easily than before.

  • titanium need not apply
    Few realize how insanely strong our tent poles are. For their weight, they are as strong as excellent titanium alloys (3Al-2V, 6Al-4V and up). Titanium’s strength/weight ratio ranges from 875,000 (psi per lb./ to 1,060,000. Kelty 7000 series aluminum poles are right up there at 940,000. Easton aluminum poles are used on our upper end tents.

  • nobendium™ tent stakes
    Incredibly strong and light nobendium™ stakes are made of 7001-T6 aluminum, one of the strongest aluminum alloys in the world today. They bend only with great difficulty. Their 6mm diameter makes them perfect for hard ground yet they weigh no more than a regular stake: .54 ounces each. Anodized in popular colors for a hard, corrosion resistant exterior that won't smudge your hands or gear with aluminum spooge.

  • taped polyester rainfly

  • arcedge™ construction
    Smooth, tight, flowing catenary seam lines have always been part of Kelty tents. In 1998 we bring them to the bottom edge of the tent with our ArcEdge™ floor seams. By sculpting the fabric edge, we bring the tent’s floor side seams up off the ground and distribute tension in the lower walls more evenly—making them extremely waterproof, more aerodynamic and quite aesthetically pleasing.

  • clips on fiberglass pole tents
    In 1998 all Kelty fiberglass tents use clip construction. Clips offer both proven popularity and function — solving the problem of exterior ferrules catching and hanging up on sleeves as they’re slid through — no sleeve, eh? Going to clips has also allowed the use of polyester rainflies throughout our entire line — at no extra cost.

  • bullet point pole tips
    Continuing our process of continuous improvement, we’ve redesigned our ball ends to have a thin, sleek, bullet-like shape. This not only makes putting the poles into the sleeves easier, it also helps taking them out.

  • triptease lightline™s
    Ever answer the call of nature in the middle of a moonless night only to trip over your tent guy line? The Triptease LightLine™ will change all that. When your light hits it, the highly reflective 3M Scotchlite™ yarn lights up like a Christmas tree. Not only is Lightline bright, it’s also light and strong. At 1.0 ounce per 50 foot length, it’s less than half the weight of standard cord. LightLine’s Spectra® 900 core makes it ridiculously strong with a 188 pound breaking strength. How do you improve that? The firm weave resists tangling, and the non-slippery exterior holds knots tightly.

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Updated October 17, 2001

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