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Saugeen Rail Trail

The Saugeen Rail Trail is part of a former rail way line going from Port Elgin to Southampton. This rail bed is now used for cycling, hiking or walking. In winter its also ideal for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Vegetation of the area is typical of the Great Lakes Hardwoods region. In addition, the terrain has been enhanced by the planting of hundreds of tree saplings to add to the beauty and shelter of the trail. There is an abundance of wildlife, including raccoons, hawks, robins, and bluebirds.

Locator MapFor Your Pleasure... Spring, Summer, Fall - When the ground is free of snow, walk it, bike it, hike it, run or jog it as you will. Flora and fauna abound.

Winter - A wonderful flat, broad cross-country ski or snowshoe trail protected from West winds by belts of woodland.

Trail Access - The main access to the trail is River Street in Port Elgin. River meets Highway 21 in the north end of town right across from Freshmart. The trail is located about two blocks east of Highway 21. Look for the official sign on River Street. Travel North on the trail to Southampton. The trail runs to the former rail station in Southampton which is now Grosvenor's Restaurant, a fine dining establishment.

Safety - The trail crosses Concession Road #10, provincial Highway #21 and several streets. Be sure to stop for traffic and cross with care.

The map below gives you a map of the trail, as well as some of the local attractions and, of course, trail access points. A popular trip is to travel the entire rail trail by bike and continue a trail loop back along our scenic lakeshore road (see map below).

In order for everyone to enjoy the trail, please follow the users' guidelines:

  • No motorized vehicles
  • No hunting allowed
  • Keep dogs on a leash and please poop & scoop
  • Cyclists should be aware of others on the Trail and should pass with care and caution
  • Respect the privacy of people living along the Trail
  • Off Trail travel is not permitted unless recognized by the proper signage
  • Do not litter, leave the Trail cleaner than when you found it

The Trail motto is "Leave nothing but THANKS, take nothing but PHOTOGRAPHS."

Need a mountain bike to cycle the trail? See our Rental page.

Saugeen Rail Trail Map

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