Paddling the Tub

A wonderful introduction for new paddlers to the sport of sea kayaking with both basic instruction and a tour. Tobermory is recognized world wide for it's nearby National Parklands, pristine waters and rugged natural shorelines.

As a group we will learn our skills just outside of Little Tub Harbour in a sheltered area of the shoreline and then venture out to see the sights. Passing by Big Tub Lighthouse we will visit the shipwrecks of the City of Grand Rapids and the spectacular Sweepstakes. Packed lunch at Big Tub lighthouse will be followed with exploring the shorelines and islands. All the while getting valuable kayak experience along the way.


  • kayak design and features
  • basic comfort and outfitting of your boat
  • communication on the water
  • forward/revese/stopping stokes
  • sweep strokes and introduction to edging
  • low and high braces
  • draw strokes

Confidence on the water and basic swimming skills required.

CONSIDERATIONS: Trips may be cancelled or changed due to hazardous weather conditions. Minimum of 4 participants registered to run. We adhere to a "leave no trace" policy. Intoxicants not permitted.

Cost: $134.99/ person
Includes: Solo sea kayak, safety/paddling equipment, packed lunch, drinks, snacks, instructor.
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Age: 17 and older
Distance: 8-10 kilometers
Duration: 7 hours
Meet at: Meet at the Tobermory store location at 8:30am. Put in the water at Little Tub Harbour @9am.

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