Used / Discounted Equipment Board

  • Current Designs Libra XT Tandem Kayak  $2,500.00

    For sale is a beautiful used Current Designs Libra XT tandem sea kayak in fiberglass construction. Quick overview of features include rudder, bow/centre/stern hatches, deck rigging, comfort seating.
  • Used Wilderness Systems Zephyr 155  $850.00

    Balanced performance features in hull design makes the Zephyr 155 the ultimate touring kayak for the day or weekend explorer. The retractable skeg makes windy, wavy days a breeze to paddle in. Specifications: LENGTH: 15' 6" / 472 CM WIDTH: 22.5"
  • Used Fiberglass Swift Labrador Sea kayak  $1800

    Expedition sea kayak in fiberglass construction with adjustable skeg, front rear bulkheaded hatches with large storage volume. As is.
  • Peltonen Ski and Boot set  $30.00

    Peltonen Altura Cross Country Skis and Boots for sale. Skis are 165cm in length. 3 pin binding setup. Boots are size 5.5US. Skis and boots are in excellent condition. Price: $30.00 plus tax
  • Used Rossignol Boots  $15.00

    Used Rossignol NNN Cross Country Ski Boots For Sale. Size 6.5US in almost new condition! Price: $15.00 plus tax
  • Used Yakima crossbars/cradel and accessories  $600.00

    Used pair of Yakima 66" bars with Yakima siderail clamp system for attaching to existing car roof siderails. Also includes two pair of felted saddles (easy to slide kayaks on) and two set of standard flat saddles. Removable Yakima Showboat 66 roller
  • Youth XC Ski Boots  $30.00

    We have a pair of youth cross country ski boots for sale. $30.00 In great shape. Size 35 NNN Style.
  • Discounted Hobie Lanai in Sand  $672.00

    The Hobie Lanai glides smoothly and efficiently, despite its compact size.
  • Discounted Hobie Lanai in Red  $672.00

    The Hobie Lanai glides smoothly and efficiently, despite its compact size.
  • Discounted Hobie Lanai in Yellow  $672.00

    The Hobie Lanai glides smoothly and efficiently, despite its compact size.
  • Discounted Hobie Outfitter 2014  $3,599.00

    Fun alone and even more fun with a friend, the Hobie Mirage Outfitter is the ideal all-day boat.
  • Discounted Hobie Sport  $2,239.00

    The Sport is sized just right for quick escapes, nine easy feet of kick-back kayak with Hobie MirageDrive motivation.
  • Discounted Wilderness System Focus 145  $1,599.99

    For petite intermediate paddlers ready to up their skills a notch, the sleek Focus 145 delivers a blend of stability and predictability with unparalleled tracking and speed on still lakes and choppy waters alike.
  • Discounted Wilderness System Focus 150  $1,599.99

    Introducing the Focus 150, a sleek, modern touring design for the mid-sized paddler. It caters to the assertive intermediate paddler looking to take their skills–and their adventures–to the next level.
  • Discounted Wilderness System Focus 155  $1,599.99

    Built for paddlers ready to take their skills to the next level for day tours to overnights.
  • Used Pyranha Storm  $200.00

    Hopping into the Storm for the first time is like trying to drive a sports car with an unfamiliar clutch: It's extremely twitchy at first, but once you get the hang of it you'll appreciate the precision.
  • Used Pyranha Z.One  $200.00

    A descendant of the legendary InaZone, the Z.One has newly developed features that have been modernized for today`s paddling styles.
  • Used Wilderness Systems Pamlico 160 with rudder  $750.00

    Fair Condition The same characteristics as the popular Pamlico 145T in a bigger hull. Because it’s better to take gear and not need it than … well, you know. Seats adjust for solo or tandem.

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