SUP Flatwater Skills Course

 Our Paddle Canada certified instructors are always eager to get out on the water and pass on their skills to interested paddlers. Learn to paddle your board more efficiently while having fun!

Paddle boarding has become a very popular sport for fitness and fun. This course will make sure that you know what type of paddle and board will complement what you're looking to do as well as introduce you to different materials and styles for each. This course is perfect for the beginner paddler or perhaps someone who has some of the basic skills but are looking for feedback and further instruction.

Topics Covered:

  • Board design and features
  • Safety
  • Paddle Sizing
  • Different foot positions for different paddling conditions
  • Posture while paddling
  • Forward strokes, stopping, pivots, sweep strokes, draw strokes
  • Edging your board

The course will be held on a small in land lake approximately 15 minutes from Southampton. Since we will be on paddle boards we will definitely be getting wet during the lesson so be prepared with an extra set of clothes and dress appropriately. Bring lots of water and snacks as we will take a short break after the first hour.

Confidence on the water and basic swimming skills required

CONSIDERATIONS: Trips may be cancelled or changed due to hazardous weather conditions. Minimum of 4 participants registered to run. We adhere to a "leave no trace" policy. Intoxicants not permitted.

Includes: Paddle board, ankle leash, paddle, 1.5 hours of instruction.
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Age: 17 and up
Duration: 2 hours
Meet at: TBD

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