Annual Canoe and Kayak Sell Off

Annual Canoe and Kayak Sell Off

Annual Canoe, Kayak and Outdoor Gear Sale 2019!!!

                                            New process this year!!!

         First come, First Serve available now!!!!

1- Mad River Journey 15'6 feet Poly Canoe Green                                    $650.00

1- Mad River Explorer 16 feet TT Poly Canoe Spruce                                 $650.00

1- Mad River Explorer 16 feet TT Poly Canoe Red                                     $650.00

1-Nova Craft Prospector 16 Sp3 Poly Canoe Green                                    $650.00

1-Nova Craft Prospector 17 Royalex Canoe Green                                     $1200.00

1-Mad River Outrage W/W Royalex Canoe w/outfitting Orange                  $1000.00

1-Wilderness Systems Sealution xl Pro Fiberglass  Sea Kayak                     $1100.00

1-Wilderness System Pamlico 135 2 per rec Kayak Red                               $650.00

1-Wilderness System Tsunamia 120 light touring Kayak Yellow                    $675.00

1-Wilderness System Tsunamia 125 light touring Kayak Mango                    $675.00

1- Wilderness Systems Tsunamia 135 w/rudder Kayak Lime                         $825.00

1-Wilderness Systems Tsunamia 145 w/rudder Kayak Yellow                        $950.00

1-Wildernes Systems Zepher 160 w/skeg Kayak Red                                    $825.00

1-Wilderness Systems Thresher 155 sit on top Kayak w/rudder Mango           $900.00

1-Wave Sport "Z" White Water Kayak Yellow                                               $375.00

1-Wave Sport Kinetic White Water Kayak Orange/yellow                              $325.00

3 -Canoe paddles                                                                                    $10.00 each


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