Georgian Bay Sea Kayak Route

Dyer’s Bay to Lion’s Head

How to Get to Dyer’s Bay by Land

Heading north on Highway #6, 54 kilometers from Wiarton, turn onto Dyer's Bay road on your right. You will travel for six kilometers to a T-intersection, at which point you will turn right onto BLANK road for 700 meters. Turn left towards the boat launch. Parking is available along the roadside but is limited to three cars.

Heading south from Tobermory on Highway #6, turn left onto Dyer's Bay Road after 24 kilometers. Drive straight for six kilometers to a T-intersection. Turn right and drive for 700 meters before turning left again towards the Dyer's Bay boat launch.

It takes only a couple of minutes to walk from the boat launch to the Bruce Trail at Britain Lake Road.

By Land

Leaving the Dyer's Bay boat launch follow the road up a steep hill to a T-intersection, then turn left onto Britain Lake Road. Follow the road to the end where the trail continues through the bush. It then turns eastbound towards Georgian Bay. Continuing south on rough terrain down the escarpment you'll pass by the Devil's Monument. A short 100 meter side trail leads to this magnificent sea stack formation. Back on the main trail you will follow the cliff top before descending onto Borchardt Road. The trail follows this road south for 1.4 kilometers, enters the bush briefly, and then crosses Cape Chin North Road.

After crossing the road and continuing through mixed bush, the trail swings south to take you back to the escarpment’s edge above Cape Chin North. From there the trail turns left and travels inland across many fields before arriving at Cape Chin North Road. Continue south on the road for 600 meters as the road turns to direct you straight into the bush. You will climb down a stile, cross a small bridge, and then enter a field. Cross the field, climb down two stiles and enter a heavily forested area before coming to a marshy area and passing by a beaver pond. After approximately 600 meters, you will hike through the bush for 1.7 kilometers, emerging on a stony track before crossing Cape Chin South Road. The trail gets rather wet here as you head south through an open forest area. Continuing from the gate found here, the trail gradually turns left taking you across a cobblestone beach, where the trail ascends back up the escarpment. These cliff tops provide more spectacular views over Georgian Bay, and a great place to rest after your hike up the hill. Moving on, you will pass through a hardwood bush, than pass by a beaver pond.

The trail continues southbound, passing Reed’s Dump side trail. Camping is available at Reed’s Dump. Since it is a 27 kilometer hike from Dyer’s Bay it is recommended that you camp here. These are wilderness sites and fires and group camping are prohibited. Following the main trail south through hardwood bush into a mature cedar bush that continues for about two kilometers, you will notice that this section contains several trails that branch off to scenic spots along the escarpment’s edge. The main trail veers left before emerging over the water, providing a scenic lookout on Whippoorwill Bay and the Lion’s Head Bluffs behind. The trail follows the escarpment’s edge for 300 meters before turning right and heading inland. You then continue through the cedar bush until you emerge onto Bruce County Road 9.

Travel 50 meters on Bruce County Road 9 before the trail heads back into the bush and runs parallel with the road before turning onto a town street. Follow this street to Lion’s Head Beach where there is ample parking. 

By Water

Leaving the government dock at Dyer’s Bay, you can admire the steep rock cliffs that shape the beautiful area as you head south. Be sure to check out the Devil’s Monument (Sea Stacks) the largest of the area’s naturally formed rock flowerpots. After about 7.5 kilometers you will round the Cape Chin Point. Here, the bay gradually turns southeast to a less pronounced point called Smokey Head. As you approach Smokey Head Point the cliffs slowly become more impressive than ever. Continuing down the shoreline towards Whippoorwill Bay, keep an eye out for the Reed’s Dump wilderness campsites. Located 15.5 kilometers down the shoreline from the Dyer’s Bay boat launch, Reed’s Dump allows group camping, but open fires are not permitted.

Continuing past some impressive white bluffs into Whippoorwill Bay, cottages and homes become more prevalent. Small fishing boats are abundant in this area due to the excellent salmon fishing opportunities. Follow the shoreline down to the Lion’s Head Lighthouse located just before the Lion’s Head Harbor. Be careful as you paddle here, since there is often a lot of boat traffic. Continue past the harbor towards the sandy beach near Lion’s Head Campground. Camping, parking, and garbage receptacles are all available in this area. 

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