Bruce Peninsula Shuttle Service

We offer fully insured shuttle service to such drop points as Owen Sound, Wiarton, Lion's Head, Dyer's Bay and Tobermory at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.

Bring your own boat and conquer the one car dilemma by utilizing our service or use our rentals and remove the struggle of having to put the equipment on your own vehicle.

Custom destinations available upon request.

See detailed information below for times, costs and services.

To make arrangements for shuttle service please call contact us.


Shuttle picks up seakayakers or hikers at their route end and transports them and their gear to the beginning of their route on Georgan Bay’s east side 7-days per week. Rates are per two hikers or one paddler and boat. Arragements can be made on those same days for pick-up/delivery of Thorncrest’s rentals.

East Side Shuttle (Owen Sound and Bruce Peninsula)

Shuttle Prices per Boat and Passengers
Zone A Tobermory to Cyprus Campground $25.00
Zone B Toberymory to Dyers Bay $65.00
Zone C Tobermory to Lions Head


Zone D Tobermory to Owen Sound


NOTE - we also offer shuttle to Crane Lake parking for access to High Dump backcountry camping in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Cost is $70 per 2 hikers. Road access to Crane Lake parking is not always available due to flooding/washouts. Call us for details.







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