Saugeen River Canoe Route

North end of Paisley to Saugeen Concession 4

(paddle time 2hrs)

After leaving this canoe launch behind, the Saugeen picks up speed slightly and winds its way down to the Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area. Through this trip, paddlers will notice the river's
banks becoming progressively higher until they peak at about 100-115 ft. at the Saugeen Bluffs.
The Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area is a good place to spend the night or just have a lunch
break. The Conservation Area offers several canoe launch sites beside the river for canoe trippers for a reasonable fee. The sites book fast during the Summer Season, so reservations are
recommended. After leaving the conservation area, the high bluffs descend back to smaller banks in a forested setting. Within 45 minutes of leaving the park, paddlers will reach a one-lane iron bridge referred to by locals as 'Turner's Bridge' on which Saugeen Concession 4 crosses the Saugeen. The canoe launch is located on the left-hand side of the river directly under the bridge.

Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area web page (link opens new browser window)

River Access

Saugeen Concession #4 - Turner's Bridge

Location: 1.5km. west of Bruce Road #3.

Directions: When coming north on Hwy# 9, take the County road #3 (Elora Road) turnoff just past the town of Mildmay. Follow County road #3 through Paisley and past Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area. 2km past Saugeen Bluffs is The 4th Concession, turn left (west) on the 4th and follow it for 1.5km to the bridge. The access is on the right.

Facilities: Access, out-house, parking (10 cars on the northeast side).

Description: A gravel lane loops around under the bridge. Access under the west end of the bridge. Roadside parking is available on the west side of the bridge. You can drive down to the river-level shore however beware of getting stuck.

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