Saugeen River Canoe Route

Brant Concession 10 to Ellengowen

(paddle time 3hrs)

This section ventures back in to woodlands somewhat with some spots of agricultural land. The river continues on its slow relaxed pace through several sharp bends before this section comes to an end at a steel covered bridge just outside the hamlet of Ellengowan. This spot makes for an excellent put-in point for paddlers looking for a relaxed two day trip (6 hrs per day) to Southampton as well as a nice lunch spot for those out for a day trip on the middle section of the Saugeen.

River Access

Ellengowen Bridge - Elderslie / Brant Townline

Location: 2km east of Bruce Road #3 on the Elderslie/Brant Townline.

Directions: Traveling north on Hwy #9, take County Road #3 (Elora Road) turnoff just past the town of Mildmay. Follow County Road #3 past Hwy #9 and the turn off to Walkerton; about 20km beyond Hwy. #9 is the Elderslie/Brant Townline. Watch for the small County Road sign on the corner and turn right. Follow road 2km to the bridge.


Facilities: Parking, river access, garbage cans.

Description: Parking is on the west side of the bridge. Access is northwest of the bridge. The bank is about 20 m high, the shore is quite silty, and beware of the slippery clay bank. The Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority has a destination sign under the bridge.

Ellengowan put in bridge Ellengowan Put In Bridge

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